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  • Oct


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    At Cloud Web we are always doing what we can to ensure we are delivering the most optimal product at a fair price to our customers. Some recent technology changes paired with customer requests for more storage have enabled us evaluate and enhance our Cloud Server offerings.

    We have recently been able to lower our prices on our Cloud Web Servers while increasing the amount of SSD storage. In order to remain competitive in the industry, our goal was to give customers more of what they need while paying less. Most other companies that offer Cloud Servers will usually charge a premium or extra price for SSD storage. At Cloud Web, it is not only included but it has been lowered in price.

    Our Cloud Web Servers are just like dedicated servers, but better. You have full control over your environment with dedicated resources as well as the redundancy, high-availability, and scalability that our cloud provides. With our online, automated setup process, your Cloud Server will be up and running within minutes.

    Starting at only $15/month, you can deploy your Cloud Web Server affordably and instantly. We grow with you, and you have the ability to scale up or down at anytime based on your needs.

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"I'm someone who knew nothing about web site hosts or the services they perform when I started out but Cloud Web has been such an asset. Never making me feel like I had a "dumb" question, always responding immediately to whatever I needed, carefully explaining how to use their informative "traffic reports" (and patiently re-explaining when I had forgotten how to gain access to them).…(more)


— Linda Wright,

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