Cloud Technology

What is the AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform?

AppLogic is a turn-key cloud computing platform for running and scaling web applications. AppLogic is vendor-neutral. It uses advanced virtualization technologies to be completely compatible with existing operating systems, middleware, and web applications. Billions of lines of tried and true infrastructure software, middleware, and application code can be used with AppLogic unaltered.

What does using Cloud Technology do for Shared Web Hosting?

Lowest costs, flexible scaling, increased reliability, and the decoupling of management at the operating system and application levels are just a few of the main benefits that Cloud Technology provide us. Single points of failure are eliminated with Cloud Web from not only the software, but hardware levels as well. We can deploy, scale, or migrate entire servers in just a few moments, which is much faster than a traditional Web Hosting environment. No longer are Web Hosting "servers" tied to a physical machine. When you have an account with Cloud Web, your account is instantly, and constantly replicated across multiple machines and multiple storage locations. If your website is running on a physical server that crashes, it is instantly restarted on one that available. You may have read about massive cloud failures with other companies, however many of those were due to a single point of failure on the underlying engine. Each one of our private clouds run off of an underlying engine, or distribution server which manages the applications running on each cloud and physical server. In Cloud Web, we replicate this engine in real time across multiple physical machines so in the event of a failure, the backup engine is automatically and instantly restarted on another server. Our custom implementation provides the benefits a cloud provides, but environments are also separated into smaller, scalable applications similar to that of a traditional Shared Web Hosting provider.

Why doesn't Cloud Web use all of these other "Cloud" terms such as Compute Cycles, Instances, Hourly Costs, etc?

The terms "Cloud", "Cloud Computing", "Cloud Hosting", "Cloud Technology", "Utility Computing", etc has been defined over and over by many sources as different things. So, we like to keep it simple and provide you with the same Web Hosting terms that you are already used to, and use the same billing methods as before, but provide the benefits that cloud has to offer. Since we completely own and operate our own private clouds, we have full control to make this possible to you.


"As a home-based, freelance writer, my website is occupational oxygen. Without it, I'm dead. I'd been through several unsatisfying and downright aggravating hosts before I found Cloud Web. Not only have they saved me lots of money -- $20 a month -- they are, like oxygen, so reliable I take them for granted. I only wish Cloud Web could run my cable, my DSL, my phone and other technological aspects that are constantly intruding into my working hours. Cloud Web's the best."


— Chris Rodell,

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