Turn-Key Resellers

Our Turn-Key Reseller Program Empowers You To Own and Operate a Powerful, Reliable, Scalable, and Flexible Hosting Business backed by our CLOUD Technology.

Do you have a small Web Hosting business that requires a lot of resources or flexibility? What about having some extra hands with the support load of your customers, management of your infrastructure, or even expert consulting to help you build and improve your business plan? Or what if you are starting a new Web Hosting business and you are serious about the services that you will be offering your customers? Our Turn-Key Reseller program is a revolutionary program to help ensure the success of your business. We work with you from the first stages, to the end-user customer support to help ensure success, and free up your time to focus on getting new customers.

Your very own "Cloud Web" complete with our high available, redundant, and scalable infrastructure to design, build, and host your own Web Hosting company.

Some key differences of the Turn-Key program to our standard Reseller services

  • A truly Dedicated, non-shared environment. We delegate a large amount of Dedicated server resources on our Intel Nehalem Cloud servers to design, build, and manage your own custom web hosting environment. You will have dedicated CPU, RAM, and Disk Space.

  • Your own "Cloud Web" environment complete with all of our Features that we sell, and a dedicated billing and support system separate from that of your customers environment to ensure your customers can reach you if you are performing maintenance on your hosting environment.

  • Complete server setup, ongoing management, and end-user customer support. Our support team will log right into YOUR help-desk providing support directly to your customers.

  • Expert phone consulting sessions with our Founder and CEO, Jason, who has been a leading supplier of Web Hosting services for 12 years in the industry. Jason has successfully created, operated, and acquired 10 of his own Web Hosting companies throughout his time in the business.

  • The ability to sell Reseller accounts and services to your clients.

Our Turn-Key Reseller Program empowers you to have your own Dedicated hosting environment, so most of our AUP policies are lifted. You are free to delegate resources as you see fit. Please send us an Email at sales@cloudweb.com to schedule a phone call to determine if the Turn-Key program is right for your business. Our Turn-Key program is a custom designed solution that is tailored to your needs. Pricing begins at $249/mo.


"I was unhappy with my previous provider and researched my choice carefully. Cloud Web was already hosting a large and respected site that I frequent regularly and they had nothing but the highest of praise for Cloud Web, so I changed. My needs are much smaller scale, but I have been extremely pleased. The personal service has been ever available and it is refreshing to unfailingly get questions promptly answered and configuration problems solved.…(more)


— Dean Smylie, www.smylie.net

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