August 2013

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    By Brent

    Infrastructure Updates and Expansions: Solid State Drives

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    Long-time Cloud Web customers and industry veterans know and appreciate that Cloud hosting, and the legacy hosting industry that preceded it, is always changing at break-neck speed. It is one of the constants of this industry that forever makes it interesting to work in and pioneer new technologies and services. Hardware that once when purchased was bleeding edge, quickly becomes today's dinosaur as the pace of innovation races along.

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    "I'm someone who knew nothing about web site hosts or the services they perform when I started out but Cloud Web has been such an asset. Never making me feel like I had a "dumb" question, always responding immediately to whatever I needed, carefully explaining how to use their informative "traffic reports" (and patiently re-explaining when I had forgotten how to gain access to them).…(more)


    — Linda Wright,

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