Service Level Agreement

Cloud Web's service level agreement is to limit Client's unavailability to less than 5 consecutive minutes in any calendar month. Cloud Web will attempt to maintain hosting services for 99.99% of the available time. This availability pertains to network up-time and server availability. For lapses in availability, Cloud Web will credit the monthly Service fees for the Services as shown below, measured by 24-hours a day in a calendar month:


Uptime Guarantee SLA Credit
100% - 99.99% 0%
99.99% - 99.95% 5%
99.95% - 99.9% 10%
99.9% - 99.8% 15%
99.8% - 99.5% 25%
Less than 99.5% 100%

For Client to be eligible for such credit, Client must (a) formally request such credit in writing to the Billing Department at Cloud Web, (b) such request must be made within ten (10) business days after customer experiences the lapse in Service, and (c) such request must contain the Client's Service plan, primary domain, contact information, and a description of the Service interruption including log files if available. Credit to Client's account shall be Client's sole and exclusive remedy for lapses in Service. Client will be credited once per month for any aggregate credit under this Service Level Agreement.


The following reasons for outages will qualify as exclusions and any outages experienced under such circumstances will not be counted in measuring Cloud Web's success in meeting it's Service Level Agreement:

  • Outage caused by Client-provided application software installed on Cloud Web Services.

  • Outage caused by interruption or delay in telecommunications provided by 3rd party services, including DNS propagation service.

  • Outage caused by any event or condition not wholly within the control of Cloud Web, including without limitation, acts of any government body, war, insurrection or embargo.

  • Outage on the Service during emergency maintenance events.


"Cloud Web has been a fantastic web host for our Church. We have been pleased-plus with all contacts and service. I could not hope for a better group to be associated with. Thanks for all you do for us."


— Rev. Ken Stalls,

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